Innovative Solutions

Building sites on challenging geographical locations

Systematic and careful methods have to be used when building on rocky and mountainous sites. Our company has the know-how and the expertise to handle excavation and piling jobs in such extremely tricky terrain.


Swimming Pools

At times restoring and repairing an already built swimming pool can be a bigger challenge than constructing a new one! With Rohana Shoring and Piling (Pvt) Ltd you can be assured that whatever the nature of the problem, we are ready and available to take on the challenge.


Restoration and damage control

In some situations, timely intervention and reinforcement is needed to recover damage caused to building work triggered by structural defects and other issues. We are a company that can take on such challenges giving our customers the assurance that all is not lost, and faulty structural work can be corrected and repaired if well planned, clearly designed corrective methods are used.


Injecting concrete in congested building areas

Building in limited spaces and congested areas require precision and planning. We have a team with the skills to take on that challenge.